About FefkaEditors


The Fefka Editor's Union was established as a society for film editors, to meet and inspire each other. Its aim is to connect, educate and represent film editing professionals, both on a national and international level. Its primary focus lies on the art and craft of cinematic film editing in the broadest sense. It strives for professionalism and artistic growth, for instance by organizing lectures and seminars about the film editing profession. Creative collaboration with other film professionals and organizations is a key element.

The object and purpose of Fefka Editors Union are:
  • to advance the art and science of the film editing profession;
  • to increase the entertainment value of motion pictures by attaining artistic pre-eminence and scientific achievement in the creative art of film editing;
  • to bring into close alliance those film editors who desire to advance the prestige and dignity of the film editing profession.

A core principle of the FefkaEditors Union is to support diversity, and emerging talent. With more than 80 active members, the guild represents most of the best talent in the feature film, TV drama, documentary, insert, on-line and sound editing in Kerala today.

Membership should be seen as a token of confidence, expressed by experienced fellow professionals.